Ivan Hourston

When Ivan was 10 years old his father bought a 12ft dinghy and took Ivan with him to the creels. This ignited his interest in boats. After he left school aged 16 Ivan thought the dinghy was rather ‘low widded’ (i.e. the gunwales were too low) so he set about fixing another stroke (plank) to heighten the gunwale.

During the war Ivan stayed at home and worked on the farm and in 1953 the ‘big gale’ caused extensive damage to the dinghy.  Ivan, against advice from those who thought the dinghy beyond repair, fitted a new stem and new planking on most of one side and proved them wrong.

Girl Reena built 1966

After his father died Ivan took over the home farm, later decided he would like to go to the creels full time so bought a Yole.  His first attempt at building a dinghy didn’t please him as he realised he had made a few mistakes.  Nevertheless, he was able to sell it to get enough money to buy wood for second one. He advertised his second boat in the Orcadian and it was sold the same day. At that time, George Kirkpatrick from Longhope, who happened to be in Shapinsay with the MV Watchful, requested that Ivan build a dinghy for him.  It so happened that George Kirkpatrick’s brother in law was Jimmy Mackay who had once owned Mackay’s Boatyard in Stromness but was now trading from his boatyard in Ayr.

This picture shows the quality of the dinghies built by Ivan. He built this boat for a person in Knoydart and it now belongs to John Maclean in Iona.

Jimmy Mackay was snowed under with orders, so he asked Ivan if he would help him out and build boats for him.  He gave Ivan important information as to the best places to purchase nails, fittings, etc, and this break really set Ivan up as a boat builder and from then on, he received numerous orders from all over Scotland.

Cabin Cruiser built 1968
Girl Ann built 1968
LOA 26′ Bean 9′ Draught 3′ 8″
The Xarifa built -1970 Based in Shapinsay, this was one of the largest fishing boats Ivan built at 36 feet long. Ivan’s boat shed was just big enough to build the hull, but the door wasn’t high enough to let the boat out with the wheelhouse attached. Once the hull had been towed down to the launching site on the beach and propped up the wheelhouse was attached.
Capella K66 Built 1987 Now White Heather LK266

Drift Fisher WK5 built 1988
Ivan’s last boat built 2000

Ivan is unique as a boat builder in that he is largely self-taught and does things his own way.

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