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  • More boats have been moved into the storage facility which is now full. We could do with even more space as several of the largest boats are still outside in the weather.Chocking off The 19' Stroma Yole TernWorking on TernFull upCrew with the 18' South Isles Yole Doris
  • With all the snow now gone and not much wind today several more boats were moved inside into the workshop area in preparation for being worked on.Waterwitch needs an engine service and a little paint work having been outside for almost a year now.
  • More snow in Orkney, so we took a 'snow day'
  • With the new big boat door now operational we were able to move the first of the bigger boats into the Old Herring Factory. Nellie was transported from another storage location to the the Old Herring Factory and moved inside.Once inside the spars we had carried with Nellie were unloaded. Nellie was then blocked off […]