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  • The restoration of 3 tonne lifting gantry is complete and the rebuilt gantry has now been lifted onto its wheels.We also completed maintenance work on one of the boats trailers which required a strap replacing.The larch wood log delivered a couple of weeks ago have been moved to a more convenient position at the side […]
  •  A wee bit wet-n-windy today so inside work only.
  • A rather pleasant day so a technical discussion by the boat doorElsewhere the interior of Doris has been washed out and is now being allowed to thoroughly dry before we vac out any remaining debris. The internal fittings have been removed and are being cleaned up and prep'd for paint.The dinghy Shamrock needs her Shamrock […]
  • For the past couple of weeks we have had a several birds nesting on the top of one of our roller doors. Fortunately we haven't needed to use the roller door so we just left them alone. This morning one of the birds had found its way inside the building and couldn't work out how […]