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  • A small team of one has gone south to tow a yole back to Orkney. More information about the yole will forthcoming in the future. In the meantime other volunteers are continuing with work at the Old Herring Factory. 
  • Alongside the Orkney Men's Shed, OHBS organised an Open Day at the Old Herring Factory in Stromness today. The south isles yole Waterwitch was placed outside as the 100 year old attraction. Other boats and exhibits were displayed inside out of the wind and rain. A good turn out was achieved in the morning.
  • Prep day for Open Day tomorrow. Lots of moving, cleaning & reorganising. We put up numerous displays and pulled out a number of the boats currently in the store (all small ones because we are still waiting for the new boat door to be installed). Some time was spent fitting a vice to the new […]
  • After a bit more work on the new workbench during which we added a couple of 45 degree braces to the outside legs we set off to move a boat. Waterwitch has not seen the sun since October 2019 but as she is 100 years old in May this year (2023) we pulled her out […]