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  • When the weather worsens as winter approaches more volunteers head for inside working. A variety of jobs are in progress at present. An old table saw is being stripped down and rebuilt, White Wings has been turned over so that work can progress on the underside, Ruby has been deep cleaned and the wood repairs […]
  • We had a good deal of heavy rain, lightening & thunder for a time during the last week however all the boats we recovered the previous week all survived with no pooling on the canvas cover.Falcon under coverInside painting has continued on White Wings with a top coat being applied to some areas.White WingsWith fine […]
  • After being left open to the elements for a week (during which we had a lot of rain) Esmeralda was given a gentle pressure wash to remove the last of the bird muck. Her cover was also washed off and dried out. Not having a drain hole nor a working bilge pump we used an […]
  • For the first time in 5 or 6 years Esmeralda had her deck cover removed today. Now that she is outside in the weather, her timbers soaking up a bit of water, her flat deck cover is acting as a rain catcher. We will put a ridge pole in to solve this problem, but since […]