Nellie is 25’ long, 6’ beam and 2’ 6” draught constructed of carvel Mahogany. The vessel is believed to be a First World War era naval vessel but it is not currently known conclusively whether she is of British or German origin. An early photograph shows that she was fitted with an internal combustion engine positioned in the forward compartment and separate foldable forward facing awnings protecting both the forward and rear compartments.

Her last private owner; Johnnie Meil, recorded that the vessel was bought at a boat sale in Stromness about 1920 by Hugh Johnston[an engineer on the Orcadia Steam Ship. In the 1950’s the vessel is believed to have belonged to Jeck Bews of St. Catherine’s Place. At this time, she was fitted with a Kelvin Poppet 12-14hp engine. The vessel was later owned by Ian MacInnes [1922-2003] onetime Rector of Stromness Academy. Johnnie Meil bought the vessel in 1967 and converted her into a steam boat and added the wheel house.

Prep work and Uplift in July-August 2020

Boat Details and a New home in August 2020